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Sunny Days Pediatric Therapy, SDPT, located in the East Valley of Arizona provides home based Physical Therapy services and support to infants to young adulthood and their families. The population mainly served by SDPT are children with diagnoses but we also provide support to those with general developmental delays which hinder either their gross motor or fine motor capabilities. Our mission is to assist the child in meeting the best optimal outcomes by treating the impairments and not the diagnosis, assist the child in overcoming the odds placed against them and to not become a number or a label.

About Us


Cuevas Medek Exercises - Level 2


Cuevas Medek Exercises are geared to provoke the autonomic responses of the brain for postural and functional control through specific handling by the therapist. 

Tisha  was personally trained by Ramon Cuevas, the founder, and has received her level 1 and level 2 certification under his supervision in Santiago, Chile.

Myofascial Release


Our therapists have been trained and educated in MFR to help improve flexible and lessen tightness, geared towards the pediatric population.

Pediatric Physical Therapy


SDPT provides home-based physical therapy support from birth-21 through the Department of Developmental Disabilities. SDPT focuses on treating the impairment and not the diagnosis, assisting in bettering the future and outcome of the child.

Aquatic Therapy


To further assist a child, our therapists are trained in aquatic therapy techniques which can help to build strength and improve flexibility. 



Tisha received her credentialing in Kinesiotape which can be used for several functions with the most common being to either facilitate or inhibit a muscle.



SDPT therapists are very knowledgeable on the most relevant equipment to assist a child in meeting the most optimal outcomes, ranging from recommendations for orthotics to devices for seating or ambulation. 

Preventative/ Wellness Care


General evaluation and assessment to prevent injury. This is geared towards the general population, and those that have mastered developmental milestones. By having a regular assessment (1-2 times per year) with a physical therapist can assist in detecting motor impairments and prevent an injury which can impact participation in sports and/or extracurricular activities.

Our Services


Dr. Tisha Scherr, PT, DPT, ATC, CKTP, CME-Level II

Tisha has always had a passion to be in the medical field and in high school, she combined this passion with her love of sports by volunteering as a student Athletic Trainer. Tisha continued on with being a student Athletic Trainer through college, and later finding her way into the field of Physical Therapy through several observations and working as a technician for a Physical Therapy Clinic. While in grad school at AT Still University (class of 2007) in Mesa , AZ, Tisha completed her certification for Athletic Training with a pursuit of being a Physical Therapist for a baseball team. However, after having a clinical rotation working with kids with disabilities, Tisha found her calling. She found to have a knack with children who were drawn to her child-like voice and playful energy. To this day, Tisha cannot see herself working with another population as she has found joy in helping kids reach milestones and break the odds. Tisha customizes her interventions to each child, looking at the child as a whole and not a diagnosis. The interventions Tisha is trained in includes: myofascial release, kinesiotape, functional electrical stimulation, Cuevas Medek Exercises, adaptive equipment recommendations, and gait analysis.

While Tisha is not working, she partakes in numerous activities. She can be either found crafting, running, exploring the valley, or by simply spending time with her two active boys.

Our Therapists


Dr. Tisha has brought our family so much hope for the future. We specifically sought a trained pediatric physical therapist with a specialty in Cuevas Medek Exercise, and we found her! Dr. Tisha is professional, patient and beyond knowledgeable in her craft and offers advice and exercises for us to implement at home. She has taken the time to learn our daughter's specific needs and abilities and is extremely passionate about helping her reach the next critical milestone in her developmental journey. We are so grateful we have Dr. Tisha on our team! 

Tisha has exceeded our expectations! She not only has helped my child begin walking on his own but also has been there as a great support system for me as a parent. Highly recommend her.


Tisha's handling skills and plan of care are outstanding! She is professional, punctual, organized and extremely thorough! Most of all, she is very caring. We have done both in person and tele-health therapy with her. Absolutely fantastic!


Nicole Anderson, Mom to Alexandra (Pitt Hopkins Syndrome)

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 Tel: 480-221-2784

Fax: 480-646-3159

Monday – Friday  8:30AM – 4PM

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